Tic Tac Toe Classic App Reviews

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Great app.

This is a great game just to past the time. But very fun to play. If you make a wrong move your iPhone will beat you.

Not MultiPlayer

It is Not MULTIPLAYER, Why The hell would I want to play TTT with a computer?

Bad application

They added multiplayer but theres a glitch. If there is an X you can put an O on the X and go over it.

Love It!

Very nice app to use with my kids while waiting for our food when dining out. Easy, quick, fun.

Great game!

Its fun to try and beart your itouch and its a great time passer

Great game for such simple graphics!

Its tons of fun. sure its tic tac toe and theres only a few ways to win but i can sit with my son at a restaurant while waiting for food and be totally entertained and pass the time!


Fun and easy. I love playing against my ipod. Id say its worth $1.

Great App

Great app and good update but the homescreen says version 1.5.5 when it is 1.5.6

Classic Tic Tac Toe - Lima Sky

Worse game ever. It always a tie and what fun is that. There is no challenge, very boring.

Im Not Too Sure!

This App ALWAYS Updates every 3x a week! BUT NEVER EVER CHANGES...OR LOOK DIFFERENT at least!!! =D

Simple and straightforward

This is exactly what a tic-tac-toe application should be. I was looking for something for my kids to play at restaurants while waiting for our food. This application is perfect. The interface is clean and fun, it also loads fast and responds instantly when playing. Its just like playing against each other on a piece of paper without actually wasting any paper. The computer is not terribly hard to beat, but thats fine for minimizing the frustration of two six-year-olds.

NOT multiplayer!

It is "two player" not multiplayer. You CANNOT use two iPhones which the word multiplayer implies.

Perfect Tic-Tac-Toe

This is the perfect tic-tac-toe application. Its simple and has an appealing interface. Single player is a bit tough but thats usually how tic-tac-toe is with real opponents; challenging. Im always getting ties with the computer, and right now my score is 5 to the computers 9! Its fun and challenging, and at least you arent playing against some idiot, right? LOL. I recommend this game to anyone looking for the perfect game of tic-tac-toe. Another good note about this application is that in single player mode, you can play pretty quickly. Theres no waiting for the computer to make its next move because it completes its turn very quickly so that you can make your move. This game does not lag and is perfect for passing time.


Not the best but not the worst

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